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2012 festival archive
February 16-18, 2012
Manbites Dog Theater, Durham, NC

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THURSDAY 2/16 8:15 PM
Six Hundred and Forty-One Slates   (1:46)
Don Swaynos, Austin, TX
How much of a pain in the ass is it to make a movie? Let me count the ways.

One Art   (3:30)
John Scott, Ithaca, NY
“The art of losing isn't hard to master” –poet Elizabeth Bishop

A Life's Work   (17:00)
Adam R. Levine, Los Angeles, CA
Born with curiosity, retired from a job you hate. It’s never too late to do what you love.

Red Rocks   (14:00)
Jim Kellough, Durham, NC
Find a map. Draw a line from Zion to Arches that goes through Fruita, Utah. Follow the line. Learn about the deepest desert and the largest monocline that this Earth has ever seen. See Red Rocks.

Unsubscribe #4: The Saddest Song in the World   (2:45)
Jodie Mack, Lebanon, NH
Broken-hearted and mashed up. Doo lang doo lang, doo lang.

Irma   (12:15)
Charles Fairbanks, Eustis, NE
The story of Irma Gonzalez, former world champion of women’s professional wrestling, writhes with love and deceit, masculine strength, and feminine charms.

The Art-Qaeda Project   (7:03)
Wei-Ming Ho, Taipei, Taiwan
Ghostly images projected onto government buildings from a moving car--could it be an art attack? An extraordinary parade? Or a silent protest?

367 Years in Montreal   (3:00)
Kevin Kelly, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
If you build a five story tall cross, it will mutate and spew its mechanical spores to the rest of the cityscape. Just give it time.

Spectroscopy   (3:26)
Leslie Supnet, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
There’s something in the water in Winnipeg. What about the light? One roll of super 8 tells the tale.

Kudzu Vine   (20:30)
Josh Gibson, Durham, NC
An old radio broadcast ushers in surreal and apocalyptic images and sounds of kudzu vines creeping forward, some say a foot a day. This lush ode to human improvisation radiates with the luminance of early cinema, and the mythic textures of the South.

Another Dress, Another Button   (2:41)
Lyn Elliot , Kansas City, MO
So many little ziplock bags of buttons, and each one with a rich inner life.

Day of the Hominid   (15:00)
Eva-Marie Elg, London, England
Where do the terrifying noises that keep the primate awake at night come from? What does the hungry jungle cat want? And who is the lady in black that moves across the lake?

Lintu   (1:41)
Ian McClerin, Winston-Salem, NC
Dazzling beach sunlight? Yeah, there’s an app for that.

Pennipotens   (17:38)
Heather D. Freeman, Charlotte, NC
Flemish people knew something from way back: mom doesn’t always know best.

FRIDAY 2/17 8:15 PM

American Discotheque Number One   (2:00)
Deron Williams, Carbondale, IL
Artist and audience share a singular moment of unabashed visual and aural consumption. In other words, don’t stop till ya get enough.

Connecting with Nature   (1:28)
Clint Enns, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Is the proper term “rototiller,” or “gateway to a universal reality?”

Diankinetics   (1:28)
Ryan Simmons, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
If only L. Ron Hubbard grokked Captain Kirk, Scientology could really schwing.

Mall Church   (25:00)
Stephen Crompton, Iowa City, IA
This mall has everything.

we are all made of stardust   (2:22)
Marissa Katarina Bergmann, Durham, NC
A repeated pattern that can be interpreted in infinitely many ways. Let your eyes & brain do the work. Original score by KC Steedle.

I See A Light   (1:30)
Aaron Zeghers, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I think death is a really nasty, bad lie. I don’t see any truth in the word “death” at all.
I do, however, think I’m tripping balls right now.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse   (9:35)
Marc Russo, Raleigh, NC
Silence, decay, consumption, and death--you're soaking in it.

Dream of the Rarebit Fiend: The Pet   (12:00)
Winsor McCay, 1921
In this cautionary tale about the dangers of eating that yummy hot cheese dish before retiring, a cute widdle visitor becomes a little too much to handle.
Gentlemen, to bed!
Live musical score performed by Felix Obelix

Tom Whiteside, Durham, NC
Filmmaker and collector Tom Whiteside serves up a rambunctious three screen 16mm film program featuring a runaway horse, a review of American presidents (up to a certain point), the funeral of Queen Victoria, a famous rebellious act onboard a Russian battleship in 1905 as depicted by more than one filmmaker, and a dozen films more than 100 years old.                   

“FILMISTORY.2 is about history, it is about mystery, and it is about how time works. With a touch of spectacle and a big dose of distraction, it is, ultimately, about how we watch motion pictures.”   -Tom Whiteside

SATURDAY 2/18 3:15 PM

The Edge of Summer   (4:34)
Charlotte Taylor, Flat Rock, NC
A stereoscopic fairytale about a girl who falls in love with the sun. In glorious HOMEMADE 3D! YAY FOR FILM!

Pow Pow Pow   (17:45)
Dianne Bellino, Brooklyn, NY
Graphic designer, painter, party clown. I’m...keeping a few things in my car. Just another day of livin’ the dream.

Baptism   (3:22)
Jacob Mertens & Michelle Byron, Wilmington, NC
The city, the water, the people in the water. The flow, then the ebb.

Unspooling Time   (24:00)
William Noland, Hillsborough, NC
The drama, narrative and mystery to be found in the everyday unfolds in threads and slices of time. Set to Les Anecdotiques (2004), the magnificent final composition of the late French composer Luc Ferrari.

expresso   (1:00)
Steve Edwards, Cary, NC
If they sold this at Qwik-e-Mart, I’d be there every day!

Lying   (11:28)
Matt Paley, Medford, MA
A filmmaker’s examination of a short-lived teen romance results in a story at least as true as every other movie.

Murphy's Chang   (2:30)
Francesca Talenti, Hillsborough, NC
I’m hungry like the great grey carnivore of the northland, yes. An outer space bop with Raleigh's Peter Lamb & The Wolves.

Front Street Yard   (22:19)
David Ellsworth, St. Mary’s City, MD
The machines (dinosaurs?) and their dynamic industrial symphony dance, courtesy of the
Padnos Iron and Metal Company of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Circus   (2:05)
Lindsay Greer, Carbondale, IL
Childhood memories of the circus have made many of us the happy, well-adjusted adults we are today.

Sublimate   (3:31)
Derek Blackman, Iowa City, IA
Obsessive, compulsive, repugnant.

Julu Road   (3:58)
Dir: Habib Yazdi, New York, NY ; DP: Andrew Synowiez, Durham, NC
Dumplings fly as tensions rise in a gritty Sino-American future, propelled by the lush pop orchestrations of Fan Modine.

Dirty Silverware   (16:35)
Steve Daniels, Columbia, SC
People brought food over, and inevitably, some utensils were left behind. This is what
it wants you to think.

a joined   (3:07)
Sarah Goetz, Durham, NC
a join ed v. link; connect. n. a place or line where two or more things are connected or fastened together; a splice; a space between.

August Song   (5:45)
Jodie Mack, Lebanon, NH
A kaleidoscopic magic carpet ride over the moon. And kitties.

SATURDAY 2/18 8:15 PM

Ultra Monster Movie   (5:45)
Lansing Bruce Robertson, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
No states were smashed in the making of this reality show.

Lay Claim to an Island
Chris Kennedy, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The American Indian Movement claims Alcatraz. Occupy, 1969 style.

The Story of Thomas Edison   (5:00)
Aaron Zeghers, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Leave Thomas Alva Edison aloooooooooone!

The Magus   (12:00)
Jaimz Asmundson, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Son fires up the movie camera, Dad gets his art freak on. Let the games begin.

(various artists)
Jennifer Deer curates a listening block of tantalizing and compelling audio documentary and art.

LeafLight   (1:30)
Jess Shuler, Lawrence, KS
A dazzling look into the microscopic beauty of autumn.

Hepworth   (11:00)
Alexis Bravos, Hillsborough, NC
A portrait of the landscape in Cornwall where the British sculptor Barbara Hepworth lived and worked. "Landscape is strong – it has bones and flesh and skin and hair. It has age and history and a principle behind its evolution." -Barbara Hepworth, 1966. Original film score composed by Ash Bowie.

Ghost of Yesterday   (5:30)
Tony Gault, Englewood, CO
Ektachrome comix recall heady days and blurry nights gone by, strung together like beads on a chain.

Mr. Percy's Run   (12:21)
D.L. Anderson, Durham, NC
In 1958, the Saturday Evening Post declared Joshua Percy Flowers of Johnston County, NC "King of the Moonshiners." The legends about his fox hunting and Robin Hood ways run rampant. Try to keep up.

Murder and UFOs   (19:49)
Brian MacDonald, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Fox Mulder wants to believe, but could never guess the real story behind the Bermuda love triangle of JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and RFK. Now, using newly unearthed surveillance footage, the heartbreaking truth can finally be told.

How to Raise the Moon   (8:48)
Anja Struck, Cologne, Germany
A waking dream so delicate, eerie, and haunting that it might last forever. Someone tell the lethargic girl that the bunny’s motives are not pure.